Saba Law

Amy K. Saba

Amy K. Saba brings over fifteen years of her experience as a lawyer, having specialized in bad faith, medical malpractice, and complex securities class action law. She is committed to helping parties resolve their disputes in a prompt and professional manner.

She is outside general counsel to Robbins, Geller, Rudman, and Dowd where her practice focuses on complex securities class action. Ms. Saba has participated in the successful prosecution of securities cases resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for injured investors. These cases include; In re Cardinal Health, Inc. Sec. Litig. ($600 million recovery); Largest RMBS purchaser class action recovery: $500 million (Countrywide).

Ms. Saba is admitted to the State Bar of California, and is licensed to practice in all California state courts as well as the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.


Saba Law is a boutique law firm providing a personal and hands-on approach to each case we accept. We won’t take a case unless we believe we can aggressively pursue and win it.

What makes us different? We reject the typical corporate approach to civil law and opt for a personal and collaborative approach. As a valued client, we will provide you with full transparency. This means our clients are aware of the posture of their case at all times. We do this by strategizing and communicating with our clients; informing them of all timelines, correspondence sent or received, approaching deadlines, and the potential consequences of each action.

Honestly, information isn’t always enough. At SabaLaw, we recognize that litigation is often a long and emotionally taxing experience that requires more than legal maneuvering. We work to put together teams and creative strategies that specifically inform and support the legal needs of every client and their specific emotional health.

We also know that all good work begins with getting to know our clients and their families. Without a genuine personal interest in every affected individual, the full impact of a client’s injuries/case cannot be adequately presented to an insurance adjuster or a jury. We believe this “whole-client” approach garners a relationship of trust that makes our clients as comfortable as they can be while dealing with life-altering decisions.

Our preparation, experience, and creative solutions for the client’s case ensure the best possible result. We are passionate about giving individuals their strongest voice in our civil justice system.